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Choosing a bank

First of all, you need to select the desired bank. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the reliability of the bank, tariffs and preferences of the bank by customer segments. It is better to apply to several banks at once in order to increase the likelihood of opening an account.

Preparation of documents.

It is necessary to prepare the statutory documents of the company, taking into account the requirements for the timing of issuance and the form of certification, personal documents of the company's members, as well as fill out bank forms. An important role is played by competent filling of forms and presentation of information.

Filing an application

After preparing all the documents, they must be sent to the bank. During the review process, the bank may send additional questions and requests for documents. They must be answered correctly and in a timely manner. Consideration of the application may be paid, in which case it is necessary to pay when submitting the application.

Passing verification

Typically, banks require a visit to their representative office for verification of company representatives. In some cases, verification is possible online.

Getting access and details

The bank assigns details to the company and issues access to the account Upon successful opening. In order to fully activate the account, prompt payment of a minimum deposit may be required, from which the account opening fee (if any) may be debited.

Selecting a bank and opening an account
Accounts for offshore companies
Accounts for high-risk businesses
Payment systems
Segregated accounts for EMI, PSP

Controlling meeting the deadlines at every stage

First contact

Contacting you at your convenience, and discussing the task at hand

Determining your needs

Selecting a bank considering the jurisdiction, quality of banking services and the bank’s requirements

Handling the paperwork

Handling the paperwork necessary to open a bank account

Submitting documents to the bank and following through

Submitting an account opening application and following it through


Opening Foreign Bank Account: Peculiarities of the Procedure

If you plan to use banking services in foreign jurisdictions, you should carefully choose a bank to ensure comfortable financial and tax conditions. As a rule, a foreign bank account is required for businessmen who plan to do business with foreign partners.

Foreign bank accounts provide their owners with many other advantages, which may vary depending on the selected jurisdiction:

  • High interest rates on deposits.
  • Secure storage of assets.
  • Confidentiality of personal data.
  • Broad investment opportunities in securities, real estate, and other high-return assets.

In addition, foreign bank accounts allow business people to conduct international financial transactions and trade transactions with clients. But to open a foreign bank account, you should select the jurisdiction responsibly.

Is it possible to open a foreign bank account online?

Today, entrepreneurs can open a foreign bank account online, but not all banks provide such an option. This is largely due to the fact that if the bank values its reputation, it is obliged to conduct preliminary customer verification. So, if you want to open a foreign bank account, you will need to go through a procedure called Due Diligence. In some cases, banks can do it remotely, but in most cases, the customer must be present in person.

This term implies collecting information and analyzing it to make a final decision on whether or not to cooperate with a particular client. You won't be able to open a foreign bank account if the bank assesses financial, legal, and other risks as high.

You will not be able to open a foreign bank account online if it requires your personal presence to conduct Due Diligence. In this case, a preliminary remote assessment may be possible, but you cannot directly open a bank account abroad online in such a situation.

How to open a bank account in a foreign country online?

In certain countries, there is a service allowing clients to open a foreign bank account online. The procedure may be remote, without visiting another country, as well as a full-scale foreign bank account opening via the Internet.

Our managers will advise you on the options available so that you can open a foreign bank account online.

In addition, you can open a foreign bank account online if you meet certain requirements and conditions. They often vary, and in most cases, opening a foreign bank account online is inaccessible to unauthorized customers of a particular bank.

Opening a foreign account: Types of accounts

Depending on your goals for opening an account, banks can offer you the following account options:

  • Current accounts — opening a current account abroad is necessary for commercial activities, as well as personal expenses and income of the account holder.
  • Card accounts — future credit card holders must open such bank accounts abroad because they will be used to record the corresponding transactions on such a card.
  • Deposit accounts are designed for the long-term storage of funds for obtaining a tangible income.
  • Private investment cards are used for long-term investments in securities.
  • Brokerage accounts are required for companies providing brokerage services in the securities market.

Opening foreign bank accounts: Documents required

In all cases, you can open a foreign bank account only after providing certain documents. Their list may vary because each bank has specific requirements for applicants. So, setting up a foreign bank account abroad may be time-consuming, and you can encounter certain difficulties, such as submitting additional documents.

Opening foreign bank account is a complicated procedure, and to minimize the likelihood of denial, you must provide:

  • A package of corporate documents.
  • A certain amount of information about the business, beneficiaries, and account manager, who is determined by the bank on an individual basis.
  • Confirmation of the identity of the beneficiary and the account manager, if it is not the same person.
  • A concise description of the company's activities, including products, business partners, expected turnover on the account, etc.
  • Proof of the residence address of the beneficiary and the account manager.

If you have decided to open a foreign bank account, please contact our specialists because the above list includes only basic requirements. In most situations, opening foreign bank accounts requires many other documents, so this procedure should be entrusted to professionals. Otherwise, you risk facing denial, and foreign bank account opening will be impossible.

What you need to know to open foreign bank account: The nuances of the procedure

Certain peculiarities complicate opening a foreign bank account: legal entities and private entrepreneurs must provide additional information and documents in many cases. This is due to legal requirements associated with the fight against money laundering. Opening a bank account abroad implies compulsory compliance with all the requirements imposed by the bank on the applicants.

To preserve their reputation, banks must thoroughly verify their clients. Therefore, it is not always easy to open bank account in a foreign country, and the procedure can be time-consuming, depending on the compliance workload and requirements to provide additional documents or information.

Keep in mind that foreign bank accounts cannot be opened with 100% probability as the bank makes the final decision based on its unspoken rules. So, opening a foreign bank account always implies a risk of rejection.

Cooperating with the qualified specialists of our company, you can be sure that the risk of denial will be minimized. With us, you can easily open a foreign bank account as we will take care of most procedures, preparation and execution of documents, as well as all legal formalities.

Support of work with a bank account

We advise on the correct handling of bank accounts, provide detailed instructions on how to work effectively with banks.

We help in solving current issues, such as preparing supporting documents for transactions, changing limits, etc.

We represent the interests of the client in dealing with banks to resolve issues of varying complexity.

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