Registration of investment funds in Switzerland

Investment funds in Switzerland

The opening of investment funds abroad is often of interest to those who already have a similar experience in other countries. Switzerland allows business people to start doing business on a completely different level, not only preserving but also increasing their capital. To achieve this goal, business owners often opt for this particular jurisdiction. Swiss funds are an excellent alternative to trusts — they allow for not only keeping assets but also increasing them.

Reliability, protection, and privacy of deposits are the key advantages of the jurisdiction. And although the Swiss investment fund registration procedure is somewhat complicated, the benefits that the business owner eventually receives fully outweigh this drawback.

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Company registration in Switzerland

The creation of a fund usually begins with the registration of a management company. A limited liability company is suitable for this purpose, but companies of other organizational and legal forms can be used. The management company is registered in the same way as an ordinary operating company.

Account opening

The company needs to open a bank account in order to deposit the share capital and further acceptance of investments. Opening an account is a complex process that should be entrusted to professionals. In order to open an account, you should to collect a package of documents and competently conduct further negotiations.

Contribution of authorized capital

The exact amount of authorized capital depends on the type of the fund. The beneficiary must provide documents on the source of origin of funds contributed as authorized capital upon bank's request.

Hiring required employees

The company must have key positions employees, some of them must be local. We will help with the search and selection of employees.

Preparation of investment and other policies, as well as an investment agreement.

The main direction of the investment fund is determined by its policy. Investors make investments on the basis of an investment agreement. Also, it is necessary to have an AML policy and other documents to create a fund.

Filing an application

It is necessary to submit an application to the regulator after preparing the company and documents. After submitting an application, you must be ready to answer additional questions from the regulator. We will take care of timely and competent answers.

Registration of an investment fund

the fund is registered after the successful completion of the previous stages. After the end of registration, the fund can start accepting investments that must be used strictly in accordance with the investment policy and investment agreement.

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What kind of investment fund Switzerland can you create?

According to the country's legislation, there are several forms in which a fund can be registered. In particular, it can be:

  • Municipal or corporate
  • General (legally independent) or specialized (religious, family, etc.)
  • Public, private, mixed, or state

The Swiss investment fund registration procedure implies the presence of an entry in the state register. Information about the board members, not about the beneficiaries, is included in it. If you plan to open a Swiss family foundation, no actions concerning the trade register will be required. Instead, only a special document confirming the creation of the fund is required.

What you should know about investment funds in Switzerland

If your Swiss investment fund participates in trading on the financial market, you should obligatorily open an account at a Swiss bank and keep accounting records.

A private investment fund Switzerland can only be founded if at least three physical or legal persons are members of its board of directors. At least one of them must be a Swiss resident.

Pay special attention to the process of amending the charter of the fund. If necessary, you can formalize changes only with the involvement of the local regulatory authority in this procedure.

Taxation of Swiss investment funds

Taxes are among the main advantages that make this jurisdiction attractive to business people. In Switzerland, there is no taxation on:

  • Property transfer
  • Non-resident's income, if one makes a profit outside the country
  • Withdrawal capital

Inheritance is subject to a reduced rate.

The only thing you must pay in full is the 4.25% income tax.

Additional information about Switzerland investment funds

If you plan to establish a fund in this jurisdiction, the initial capital must be at least CHF 50,000. The legal status is granted along with the formation of the articles of association.

Funds registered in this jurisdiction have certain privileges and opportunities that concern the judiciary. In particular, funds have the right to use Swiss courts, which are authoritative worldwide.

Opening investment funds in Switzerland is one of the activities of our company. We will take care of any questions related to registering a fund, saving you time and effort. Contact our specialists by phone for this purpose.

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