Registration of investment funds in Malta

Malta Investment Funds

If you want to create an investment fund aimed at investors from European Union countries, Malta could be the right jurisdiction to register. The island is known as an innovative and reputable financial services center, and business people seek to establish an investment fund here to grow their capital. Since 1994, the activity of such structures is regulated by the Investment Services Act.

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Overview of Malta Investment Funds

Malta investment funds are known as cooperative investment plans (CIPs). They are categorized into several types:

  • For professional investors
  • Alternative investment funds
  • Retail
  • Private

Hedge funds are actually called funds for professional investors because the Maltese legislation does not use this term. More often, business people give preference to CIPs designed for certain sectors, for example, investments in construction or for work with venture capital.

The characteristics of a specific CIP directly determine what taxes such a company will pay. Most Malta investment funds are exempt from income tax, but for this, at least 85% of the value of assets must be located outside Malta. There are also no taxes on:

  • The payment of dividends to non-residents.
  • Capital gains through the sale of shares.

What are the benefits of a Malta investment fund?

The creation of a CIP in this jurisdiction is beneficial for business people:

  • Opportunity to enter the European market.
  • Fair legislation that takes into account the needs of the business and protects the interests of investors.
  • Relatively low maintenance costs of the investment fund.
  • Preferential taxation.
  • No CIP licensing is required; only written notification to the regulator and its subsequent authorization to conduct investment activities.

If you are interested in Malta investment funds, our specialists will provide you with comprehensive advice and legal assistance concerning any issues relating to investment services. Our company will take care of all additional procedures, including CIP licensing, obtaining a permit for activities, and its recognition by the Malta Department of Financial Services.

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