Register company in UAE

Register a company in United Arab Emirates

Today, the United Arab Emirates offers a wide range of business opportunities for business people. The country provides three organizational-legal forms that have their advantages and disadvantages.

At the same time, business registration in UAE can be the best option for entrepreneurs who want to obtain a residence permit in this state. To do this, it is enough to open a company of a certain type and apply for a residency visa.

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Choosing the Emirate and the zone (a mainland or a free zone)

The Emirate and the Zone should be chosen taking into account the specifics and region of the company's activities, the features of accounting and reporting. It is important to understand that each Emirate and each Zone has its own peculiarities of legislation and its own rules for creating and maintaining companies.

Choosing a name for a future company

The client needs to provide 3 variant names of the company. We will check the availability of these variants for registration and offer free options for the final choice. If all three names are filled, we will ask for additional ones. Three names provision isn't a mandatory requirement, but will speed up the verification process.

Preparation of documents.

The client needs to prepare personal documents for company registration. Preparation can be carried out in parallel with the first stage. The exact list of documents depends on the characteristics of the future company. Usually, a copy of the passport and confirmation of the address of the company's participants should be provided.

Office rent

In order to register a company, you need a contact address in the Registration Area. Usually, a small office or flexi desk is rented for this.

Preparation of registration forms.

A package of documents is formed for submission to the Register based on the data provided by the client.

Submission of documents for registration

The collected package of documents is submitted to the Register. After that, the documents are processed by the registrar and the company is entered into the Register database.

Obtaining confirmation of company registration.

After entering the company into the Register, you can see its registration data in it and if necessary order paper versions of the statutory documents with or without certification. The specialists of our company will help you with all the necessary certification and translations into other languages, if necessary.

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Company formation UAE: How much does it cost to register company UAE

The procedure of company incorporation in UAE includes many factors, which directly affects the cost of this service. All the documents required to register a company in UAE must be notarized as well as legalized in the issuing country.

Most often, entrepreneurs set up business in UAE in Dubai — the second largest Emirate, which is rightfully considered the most innovative. However, it is essential to remember that UAE company formation in Dubai may imply:

  • Arranging the right number of visas.
  • Making agreements between shareholders.
  • Paying for rent of an office or warehouse of the company.
  • Paying government fees.

All these factors directly influence the UAE company registration cost, so the exact price of our services will be calculated by our experts on an individual basis.

Register a company in UAE: General information about the state

The United Arab Emirates is not considered an offshore state. The government of this country has more than 60 double tax treaties, including agreements with your country. If a company registered in the Emirates meets certain conditions, it will be able to use such an agreement to optimize taxation. To do this, the business owner must have a certificate confirming the status of a tax resident of your country.

There is no currency control for entrepreneurial activities of all types. If the entrepreneur will be interested in UAE business registration in Dubai, one should remember that this city has its own legislative system, which differs from the federal one. In this regard, we recommend you entrust the UAE company formation in Dubai to our experts, who know all the legislative features and rules of doing business in this city.

There is a high degree of confidentiality in the UAE. The Emirates does not have an open register of companies and enterprises, and information about shareholders and directors is not in the public domain.

The United Arab Emirates does not allow companies to issue bearer share certificates.

UAE business registration: Taxation peculiarities

In the domestic market of the Emirates, the corporate tax applies to businesses operating in:

  • the banking sector
  • the hotel industry
  • oil and gas industry
  • the catering industry

For all other cases, there is no income tax.

It is possible to register a company in UAE in Free Trade Zones (FTZ). Such firms do not have to pay corporate tax. Today, there are already 45 free trade zones in the Emirates — the territories providing economic benefits for certain types of businesses. There are 27 FTZs in Dubai, and their total number is constantly growing.

To register a company in UAE and take advantage of all the benefits of Free Trade Zones, it is necessary to obtain a special license. It must be renewed every year. However, the purchase of a license quickly pays off as businesses have an effective tool for tax optimization. At the same time, the import of goods and products in the FTZ is completely free of any import duties.

If imported into the domestic market of the UAE, the products will be subject to a 5% tax on the invoice price.

Opening a business in UAE: Legal forms

Today, there are three legal forms of business in the UAE widely accepted by entrepreneurs:

1. International Business Company (IBC)

It is possible to open such firms in the Emirates today:

  • Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Ajman Free Zone
  • Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone

You can do business anywhere in the world except in the UAE. It is almost impossible to open a bank account for such a company in the Emirates.

In this case, the owner of the IBC can be a citizen of any country, including a stateless person. The owner and director of such a company cannot apply for a residence permit (resident visa) in the UAE.

  1. Free Zone Company (FZC) — a company in a special economic zone.

UAE company formation is possible in a special economic zone only, business registration in UAE is available to a stateless person or a citizen of any state in the world. Entrepreneurs can conduct business anywhere in the world, except in the UAE.

In the territory of a free zone, where the FZC was opened, its activities are not prohibited. The owner and director are eligible for a resident visa within one month of starting a company in UAE.

  1. Local LLC

Such UAE company registration can be performed only outside the special economic zones. At the same time, business activities are not limited: it is allowed to do business in any country of the world, including the UAE.

Only an Emirati citizen can register a company in UAE in the legal form of Local LLC. This person must own at least 51% of the company's shares.

Company formation UAE: How to avoid the automatic exchange of information (OECD CRS)

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has developed a Common Reporting Standard (CRS). It implies the exchange of financial and tax data. However, entrepreneurs will not be subject to its terms under certain conditions.

The essence of OECD CRS is that the UAE bank provides information about its client to the tax authorities of a particular jurisdiction based on the residency of the bank customer. Opening a business in UAE of the FZC type, i.e. located in one of the special economic zones of this country, allows a business person to apply for a residency visa and obtain a UAE identity card.

This visa is identical to the residence permit: when the customer submits it together with his/her ID card, he/she will cease to be a citizen of your state and will become a full UAE resident for the bank. After that, the banking system will stop transferring the tax information about the customer to the respective your state authorities.

How long does it take to register a company in UAE?

If you are interested in UAE company registration in Dubai or another city, our specialists will be able to name the terms of the procedure only after studying the following issues:

  • Business form
  • Company structure
  • The location for conducting the business
  • Many other factors.

On average, company incorporation UAE takes:

  • about a week for FZC-type companies
  • 2-4 weeks for IBC offshore companies

UAE company registration in Dubai and bank account

If it is necessary to open a bank account for a firm registered in the Emirates, the customer has to visit the bank in person. The procedure itself is not very complicated as banks actively compete for clients. They offer a pleasant service, multiple products and services, as well as simplify the account opening procedure, for example, reducing the list of required documents.

Contact our company if you are interested in UAE company formation in Dubai. Our experts will perform all the necessary steps for UAE business registration and assist you at any of the stages, if required.

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