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How to Buy a Shelf Company in HungaryHungary is located in the center of Europe and occupies a small area, but the population density is actively growing. In this regard, advances in the economic development of the country have been observed in recent years. The local legislation has undergone many positive and fundamental changes, and much attention was paid to investor activity. Therefore, the number of those wishing to buy ready-made companies in Hungary has increased dramatically since the local jurisdiction offers favorable conditions for investing money today.‍

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Choosing a company in Hungary

You need to find a company to buy and negotiate the terms of the deal. This can be done independently or with our assistance. We have clients and partners who are looking for buyers for their companies.

Company audit

The company should be checked for debts to government agencies, including tax, as well as the presence of receivables and payables, before purchase.

Preparation of the documents

It is necessary to prepare personal documents of the buyer, powers of attorney from the parties, re-registration forms.

Submission of documents for re-registration

The collected package of documents is submitted to the Register. After that, the documents are processed by the registrar and amendments in the company are entered into the Registry database.

Obtaining confirmation of company re-registration.

After making amendments to the company data in the Register, you can see its registration data in it and if necessary order paper versions of the statutory documents with or without certification. The specialists of our company will help you with all the necessary certification (notarization, apostille) and translations into other languages, if necessary.

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Why it is profitable to buy ready-made companies in Hungary

Owners of a public business registered in Hungary are entitled to a residence permit. Other advantages of buying a company are:

  • Hungary is not an offshore financial center — it is a fully-fledged member of the European Union.
  • Low corporate tax is introduced — 9%.
  • No tax on dividends.
  • Low company maintenance costs
  • Opportunity to quickly buy a shelf company — in Hungary, it takes up to 15 working days to re-register the documents.
  • No need to spend time searching for premises to register a legal address.
  • A sale of a share in a Hungarian company is not subject to VAT.
  • An operating company already has a registered VAT number, which allows the buyer to immediately start working in the areas of business where this number is required.
  • It is possible to arrange work with a nominee director after a sale transaction is executed.

What business organization forms are available for those wishing to buy a shelf company in Hungary?

Open joint-stock company or Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag is the most popular legal form. KFT opens up the opportunity to conduct a business conveniently. It is relevant when the business does not imply a large number of founders. Before you buy a shelf company in Hungary, you should consider that the share capital must be at least three million forints, that is, about nine thousand euros. After the sale transaction is completed, the share capital is replenished by the new company owner.

It is possible to buy a business with other forms of ownership:

  • Unlimited Liability Partnership — KKT
  • Limited Liability Partnership — BT
  • Closed joint-stock company — ZRT

What you need to know about taxation before buying ready-made companies in Hungary

The buyer should be aware that any legal form of organization involves the preparation of an annual report, which is pre-audited. The company must appoint an auditor if

  • its annual income exceeds HUF 300 million;
  • the staff includes more than 50 employees.

In addition, it is necessary to carry out a financial evaluation of the company and assess the amount of income before completing the deal. If the profits do not exceed 500 million forints, the company will be required to pay a fee of 10%, while it amounts to 19% in other cases. There is also a value-added tax, which varies depending on the field in which the company to be bought operates.

How to buy a shelf company in Hungary

A sale of a ready-made business in our company Incluence Limited includes:

  • legal review of business registration documents;
  • analysis of active partnership contracts, financial evaluation of the company's activities, and revision of personnel record keeping;
  • support for the purchase of the operating business.

With the help of our experienced specialists, you can quickly buy ready-made companies in Hungary on favorable terms. If necessary, we are ready to support you in the future as well. To discuss possible questions and choose the best type of business, contact our managers using the available messengers or sending an application online.

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