Offshore company formation in Seychelles

Offshore company Seychelles

Seychelles is a favorable jurisdiction with minimal company maintenance costs. Entrepreneurs can set up and develop an efficient business structure with reliable asset protection here as this offshore zone is characterized by stability in political and administrative spheres. The government retains the policy of supporting offshore businesses, which is an additional advantage for entrepreneurs.

Today, offshore companies in Seychelles are available to business people in several organizational and legal forms. In addition, one can both register a company in Seychelles and buy a ready-made business in Seychelles to start operating in the shortest possible time.

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Choosing a name for a future company in Seychelles

The client needs to provide 3 variant names of the company. We will check the availability of these variants for registration and offer free options for the final choice. If all three names are filled, we will ask for additional ones. Three names provision isn't a mandatory requirement, but will speed up the verification process.

Preparation of documents.

The client needs to prepare personal documents for company registration. Preparation can be carried out in parallel with the first stage. The exact list of documents depends on the characteristics of the future company. Usually, a copy of the passport and confirmation of the address of the company's participants, as well as reference letters, should be provided.

Preparation of registration forms.

A package of documents is formed for submission to the Register based on the data provided by the client.

Submission of documents for registration

The collected package of documents is submitted to the Register. After that, the documents are processed by the registrar and the company is entered into the Register database.

Obtaining confirmation of company registration.

After entering the company into the Register, you can see its registration data in it and if necessary order paper versions of the statutory documents with or without certification. The specialists of our company will help you with all the necessary certification (notarization, apostille) and translations into other languages, if necessary.

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Offshore Seychelles: Benefits

There are many positive aspects of offshore companies in Seychelles: the government provides active support and protection of business, and a fairly high level of confidentiality is guaranteed. This country has a closed company register, so all information and data about the directors and shareholders of the firm are not publicly available.

It is important to note that Seychelles is offshore where companies are completely exempt from corporate income tax. There is no withholding tax, stamp duty, and capital gains tax.

The exception is the state fee for the renewal of the status of the International Business Company. This annual fee is fixed at $100 in all cases.

Offshore company formation Seychelles is beneficial because the state does not impose requirements for annual reporting. That is, businessmen can do business Seychelles without submitting accounting, financial, and other reports.

An additional advantage is that you can keep documents of the company as well as hold meetings of shareholders and directors in any place. In addition, offshore Seychelles offers another essential benefit for entrepreneurs — no currency control.

Offshore companies in Seychelles: Legal requirements

Business people can conduct any kind of business activity all over the world. However, offshore Seychelles obliges business owners to obtain licenses if their business conducts the following types of activities:

  • banking
  • trust
  • insurance
  • reinsurance

You can register a company in Seychelles in the form of an International Business Company (IBC). Trusts, partnerships, and resident trading companies are also popular.

The following requirements apply to companies of the IBC type:

  • An agent and an office in Seychelles.
  • Absence of any business activities in Seychelles.
  • At least one shareholder and one director in the company structure.

The proposed authorized capital is $1,000, but the minimum fee is only $1.

Seychelles offshore company: Document requirements

If you are interested in an offshore company Seychelles, the state may be a suitable choice, but you need to prepare certain documents:

  • Passport and proof of residence address — for individuals.
  • Registration documents and passports of individuals involved in the company structure — for legal entities.

All documents must be translated into English, certified by the notary, and apostilled. You can start doing business in Seychelles as soon as the corporate documents are ready. This procedure takes on average 2-3 business days.

Is there a business for sale in Seychelles?

Today, entrepreneurs from any country can buy offshore Seychelles: the state offers various ready-made companies with active business operations and without a business history at all.

By buying a business Seyshelles, entrepreneurs can save much time and effort to get a ready-made offshore company in Seychelles promptly. Ready-made companies may also be the best choice for businessmen who plan to use companies as sales agents or intermediaries.

However, registering a company in Seychelles is the preferred option for most entrepreneurs. If you are also interested in offshore company Seychelles, you will be able to achieve your goal quicker if you contact our company.

Today, it is possible to register a company in Seychelles remotely since there are no requirements for the personal presence of a businessman.

Our specialists will take care of all formalities, prepare and execute documents, and conduct all the necessary procedures to register offshore Seychelles. For additional information, please, contact the managers of our company.

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