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Buying a ready-made company in Estonia is an opportunity for businessmen to simplify and speed up the process of starting business operations. If you buy company in Estonia, you will be able to start a business faster and also decrease the costs required for the formation of share capital.

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Choosing a company in Estonia

You need to find a company to buy and negotiate the terms of the deal. This can be done independently or with our assistance. We have clients and partners who are looking for buyers for their companies.

Company audit

The company should be checked for debts to government agencies, including tax, as well as the presence of receivables and payables, before purchase.

Preparation of the documents

It is necessary to prepare personal documents of the buyer, powers of attorney from the parties, re-registration forms.

Submission of documents for re-registration

The collected package of documents is submitted to the Register. After that, the documents are processed by the registrar and amendments in the company are entered into the Registry database.

Obtaining confirmation of company re-registration.

After making amendments to the company data in the Register, you can see its registration data in it and if necessary order paper versions of the statutory documents with or without certification. The specialists of our company will help you with all the necessary certification (notarization, apostille) and translations into other languages, if necessary.

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Ready-made company in Estonia: Business advantages

Today, Estonian jurisdiction has a wide list of advantages providing great opportunities for optimization of business activities. Businessmen decide to buy company in Estonia for the following reasons:

  • No income tax on retained earnings.
  • A clear and simple Commercial Code, as well as accounting rules.
  • Bank service is convenient and reliable.
  • No currency control.
  • Business can be conducted remotely, with electronic residency (e-Residency).
  • Transparent and straightforward tax system.

What do businessmen who buy a ready-made company in Estonia get?

In addition to the opportunity to immediately start a business, those who buy a ready-made company in Estonia will be able to:

  • Get a VAT number.
  • Purchase a vehicle for the company.
  • Obtain a certificate of tax residency.
  • Apply for an Estonian business visa or residence permit.
  • Receive an EORI code for conducting foreign trade activities in the European Union.

How to buy a ready-made company in Estonia: Options

There are two ways to buy company in Estonia:

  • In person. The procedure for buying a ready-made company in Estonia is conducted in one day. When the businessman arrives in Estonia, the sales contract will be signed by the notary, founding documents will be prepared, and notary services and state fees will be paid.
  • Remotely. For this, the businessman needs to execute a power of attorney at the notary for a specialist of our company. Personal presence in Estonia is not necessary; our specialists will take care of the entire procedure.

What ready-made company in Estonia you can buy

Businessmen can buy one of two types of ready-made companies in Estonia. We offer:

  • Ready-made companies that have no business history or economic activity. These companies neither made any deals nor have any financial or tax debts. However, due to lack of activity, such firms will not have a VAT number.
  • Companies with an assigned VAT number, which have a history but no ongoing commercial activity.

A ready-made company in Estonia: Legal forms

Today, there are several legal forms of business in Estonia: private entrepreneur, general partnership, profit partnership, and so on. The most common form is limited liability partnership (OÜ).

Such popularity is primarily explained by the simplicity of administrative structure as well as by the small amount of initial capital - 2,500 EUR, which you do not have to pay. This legal form is suitable for any type of business, and the owners' liability is limited to the amount of their contributions to the company capital.

A ready-made company in Estonia must meet the following requirements:

  • At least one owner and one director. Both positions can be held by the same person, a resident of any country.
  • Accounting records must be kept.
  • The company must be registered in the Estonian Commercial Register.

An obligatory requirement that all Estonian firms must meet is to have an Estonian legal address. In this case, if a businessman decides to buy a company in Tallinn, the registered office can be located not only in the capital but also in any other Estonian city.

If there are no Estonian residents in the company management, a local contact person is necessary. Their task is to receive official letters and notices from third parties, which are intended for the board members. The contact person has no right to sign documents or manage the company.

Buy company in Estonia: Bank account

It is possible to open a bank account in Estonia only if the board member is present in person. It is necessary for identification, as well as to meet the requirements of Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering.

If you have decided to buy a ready-made company in Estonia, please note that we can offer companies with already opened bank accounts.

Ready-made company in Estonia: What affects the price

If you have decided to buy company in Estonia, the price will depend on several factors:

  • Document preparation.
  • Changing the name and other registration data of the company.
  • Lease of the registered office.
  • Payment of notary and state fees.
  • Provision of documents to the Commercial Register and supervision of introduction of necessary changes.
  • Consulting services.

Licensing, including obtaining a license to work with cryptocurrencies, also affects the cost of the ready-made company in Estonia.

If you have decided to buy company in Estonia, our specialists will provide you with professional advice and will take care of all the issues concerning paperwork When the contract of sale is concluded, we will start the procedure for changing the owner. The notary immediately transmits the changes to the Estonian Commercial Register, so you become the owner immediately after signing the contract.

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