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Forex Broker License

In many countries worldwide, the activities of Forex brokers are qualified as "investment services." In this regard, Forex companies must obtain a special license, which is issued by relevant regulatory authorities. In the EU, licenses are issued by different authorities in strict compliance with the MIFID (The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).

Forex license enables the company to operate legally and conduct currency trading operations with:

  • Securities
  • Futures
  • Options and so on

Depending on the jurisdiction, the registration of a Forex broker and obtaining an appropriate Forex license allows the company to provide various types of investment services:

  • Work with orders related to financial instruments;
  • Execution of orders on behalf of the client;
  • Securities portfolio management;
  • Providing recommendations to clients on investing money;
  • Administration of various financial instruments;
  • Lending and loan granting services;
  • Consulting services;
  • Currency exchange provided there is a connection with the investment process.

Forex licensing: Requirements

An investment company whose activities are related to the Forex market must comply with certain requirements. They vary depending on the country where you wish to obtain the Forex license.

To summarize the requirements for Forex companies, licensing of investment activities implies the following:

  • The size of the authorized capital of the company that receives a license must be no less than 100 thousand USD.
  • Registration of a Forex company must imply the presence of certain employees (directors, accountants, AML officers) in the number required in accordance with the legislative acts of the specific country.
  • The license for investment activity implies payment of all state fees. This must be done before applying for licensing.

Often, licensing of an investment company is possible if the directors and shareholders have resident status in the licensing country.

In addition, the company must operate in the territory of the country where the Forex license was issued. Exceptions are possible if the licensing takes place offshore. For further advice, please contact the managers of our company.

All of the above requirements are minimal. It means that the registration of an investment company, as well as licensing requirements, may vary from country to country.

Forex licenses: What you need for licensing

To obtain a license to provide investment and Forex services, you will need to provide the appropriate documents to the regulatory authority. The list depends on the country where the Forex company will apply for licensing and subsequently carry out its activities.

The minimum list includes the following documents:

  • A Memorandum of Association or a resolution
  • Articles of Association of the company
  • Business plan
  • A description of the organizational structure
  • Proof of paid-up authorized capital
  • A list of shareholders and their shares in the company

Remember, this is a basic list. Throughout the application process, the regulator may request additional information or documents that you must prepare and submit promptly.

Our company will take all the necessary steps and undertake the formalities associated with the preparation and filing of documents. Our employees will study the requirements that the company must meet to obtain a Forex license, saving you time and effort. For more information, please contact our consultants.

Forex licensing and procedure duration

Obtaining a Forex license is a rather complicated procedure that may vary from one country to another. The differences may concern not only the preparation of the documents but also the necessity of finding the employees that meet the criteria for obtaining a license.

Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly how long it will take to obtain a Forex trading license. As a rule, it takes 3-4 months to get a Forex broker license, but in some cases, the procedure may last up to 9 months or even longer.

Investment company: Incorporation and licensing of a legal entity

If you are just planning to establish a new company to operate in the Forex market and provide relevant services, we will provide you with all the necessary information, take care of the preparation and submission of the application for licensing, and assist you in legal matters.

As a rule, if a client is interested in an investment company, it is possible to register it taking into account the need for licensing in several steps:

  • Preparation of a package of documents for the registration of a legal entity.
  • Establishment of a Forex company to provide brokerage services.
  • Opening bank accounts to pay the authorized capital and carry out financial transfers.
  • Applying for Forex licensing and support of this process.

The number of steps, forthcoming actions, and other peculiarities of the procedure may differ, so we recommend that you first ask our staff for a detailed consultation.

A Forex broker license is one of the main directions of our company's activity. Just submit an application, and we will take care of the licensing process, reducing your involvement in the procedure to a minimum.







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