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Thanks to the constant development of the economy and various technologies, new business opportunities open up before business people almost every day. It is enough to implement them promptly to get a certain profit. As a rule, when a business model is successfully tested within one country, entrepreneurs strive to occupy a niche in the international market before their competitors do so.

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Choosing a company

You need to find a company to buy and negotiate the terms of the deal. This can be done independently or with our assistance. We have clients and partners who are looking for buyers for their companies.

Company audit

The company should be checked for debts to government agencies, including tax, as well as the presence of receivables and payables, before purchase.

Preparation of the documents

It is necessary to prepare personal documents of the buyer, powers of attorney from the parties, re-registration forms.

Submission of documents for re-registration

The collected package of documents is submitted to the Register. After that, the documents are processed by the registrar and amendments in the company are entered into the Registry database.

Obtaining confirmation of company re-registration.

After making amendments to the company data in the Register, you can see its registration data in it and if necessary order paper versions of the statutory documents with or without certification. The specialists of our company will help you with all the necessary certification (notarization, apostille) and translations into other languages, if necessary.


When it may be necessary to buy a business abroad

The process of entering the international market is always accompanied by dealing with all sorts of legal issues. A popular one is opening a new company in the chosen country. The thing is that it is not always possible to quickly register a company "from scratch," and the difficulties that arise can greatly delay the procedure. It is also worth mentioning the opening of a new bank account since this process sometimes takes many months.

By deciding to buy a business abroad, the entrepreneur avoids many problems and difficulties common to the creation of a new legal entity. A ready-made company has already gone through all the stages of registration, has received the necessary licenses for work in a particular field, and so on.

By buying a business abroad, you save time that you can profitably spend on the implementation of various business processes.

What benefits can you get if you buy a business abroad

Depending on the chosen jurisdiction, an entrepreneur can expect certain advantages in the process of doing business. In particular, various countries around the world can offer the businessman:

  • Loyal taxation and tax benefits if certain legal requirements are met. One of the latter is that the entrepreneur will not conduct business in the country of incorporation of the firm.
  • Confidentiality of business ownership. For example, closed registries, non-disclosure of information by employees of the firm, and so on.
  • Various tools for the remote management of business processes, as well as minimum requirements for accounting records, audits, and so on.

Businessmen often wonder whether it is possible to buy a company in Europe because business activity in EU countries looks more attractive in the eyes of potential business partners. In particular, business owners are attracted by the following advantages of doing business in European countries:

  • Reliability, protection of private property.
  • Stability in the political and economic spheres.
  • Relatively low level of corruption.
  • Absence of pressure on business from the government and regulatory bodies.
  • Availability of a single currency, which makes it easier for businessmen to enter the EU market.

Buying business abroad: Requirements in various jurisdictions

Please note that after re-registering ownership, the company can begin conducting business only under certain conditions and legal requirements. First of all, it concerns the minimum number of directors and shareholders, the presence of an accountant, the lease of an office in the territory of the chosen country, and more.

In case of non-compliance with such requirements, regulatory authorities may suspend the activities of the company and, in some cases, even deprive it of its license or start the process of liquidation. To avoid this, seek professional legal advice from our experts.

What company can you buy in Europe and other parts of the world: Features of ready-made firms

If you decide to expand your activity and buy a business abroad, you just need to determine the requirements for the firm. After that, our specialists will find a suitable option for you. In particular, you choose the form of ownership, the country and region of incorporation, the presence or absence of turnover, and so on.

If you decide to buy a business abroad with no liabilities and some reputation in the market, contact us for the purchase and sale transaction and the subsequent re-registration of the company. We will do everything necessary so that you can start your business quickly and make a profit from the activity of your company.

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